Terms and conditions


§1 General Provisions

1. Please read and comply with these terms and conditions. Keep in mind that making electronic payments under Wawa4Ukr is equal to accepting the rules contained therein.
2. Wawa4Ukr is a digital service available in the mojaWARSZAWA portal in the form of a donation, thanks to which it is possible to make donations to Ukrainian citizens via the Internet. The service is available at https://wawa4ukr.moja.warszawa19115.pl/ and has also been added to the service catalogue of the above-mentioned portal.
3. The owner and administrator of the Wawa4Ukr digital service and the mojaWARSZAWA portal is the Office for the City of Warsaw, with its registered office in Warsaw (00-950), at Pl. Bankowy 3/5, VAT No.: 525-22-48-481, REGON (Registration No.): 015259640. The organizer of the payment is the Municipal Contact Centre Warsaw19115.
4. You can contact the Office for the City of Warsaw in the following way:
a) by phone at 19115
b) by email at: kontakt@um.warszawa.pl 
5. Since the Wawa4Ukr digital service is part of the mojaWARSZAWA portal, in addition to these Terms and Conditions, it is also mandatory to read the general regulations of the portal, its privacy policy (providing information on the use of cookies) and the information clause (containing provisions on the protection of personal data).

§2 Information about the Wawa4Ukr digital service

1. The purpose of the Wawa4Ukr digital service is to provide a modern IT tool, thanks to which it will be possible to make a payment via the Internet.
2. Wawa4Ukr is an electronic form through which you can make payments for humanitarian aid to Citizens of Ukraine.
3. Wawa4Ukr is made available by the city free of charge. The only fees that can be incurred are commission fees set by the electronic payment operator referred to in §3 section 1. 
4. The collected funds will be used to help Ukrainian citizens who are given care by the City of Warsaw, as well as humanitarian aid for Ukrainian cities. Collections of in-kind donations, information points, accommodation, a network of several thousand volunteers – Warsaw's aid for Ukrainian refugees takes various forms. One of them is this financial donation. Warsaw, as a partner city of Kyiv, Kharkov and Odessa, expresses solidarity with its neighbours and provides support in every way possible.

§3 Rules and requirements related to making donations

1. Payments for humanitarian aid for Ukrainian citizens are handled by the online payment operator Przelewy24 – Pay Pro S.A., with which the Office for the City of Warsaw concluded an appropriate agreement.
2. Before making a payment, please read the regulations of electronic payments, privacy policy, complaint rules and GDPR information obligation for payers of this operator.
3. Banks are responsible for booking payments, as well as the above-mentioned external online payment operator. The City of Warsaw has no influence on the correctness and the moment of booking the payment. Depending on the payment channel chosen by the donor, the booking time can range from a few seconds to several business days. Importantly, the Office also has no influence and is not responsible for any additional fees that may arise if certain payment options are chosen. This applies in particular to costs resulting from currency conversion in the case of accounts held in a foreign currency or additional fees charged by banks in which donors have accounts.
4. The amount of the donation that the donor will allocate to humanitarian aid is visible to the public. The donor has the option of hiding his/her signature (nickname or name and surname on the list of payments). For this purpose, it is necessary to check the appropriate box in the form when making a payment.
5. The donor can also include a message with encouragement to the citizens of Ukraine – he/she just needs to enter the message in the appropriate field of the form at the time of making the payment. The content will be visible in the list of donors and the amount of their donations.
6. The technical conditions for the payment under the Wawa4Ukr digital service are as follows:
a) end device with access to the Internet
b) web browser that makes it possible open and browse websites on the screen of the device and supports the JavaScript programming language, accepts cookies and supports encrypted SSL connections.
c) email address (forwarded to the electronic payment operator and necessary to make the payment)
d) account in electronic banking
e) VISA, MASTERCARD, Maestro or JCB payment card (in case of card payments)
f) authorization device or one-time code card for authorizing a financial operation (in some cases)
7. Particular risks include making a payment without applying the security measures described in the documentation of the web browser. This applies primarily to mechanisms that extend the capabilities of the web browser with functions outside the HTML standard. Furthermore, if browser security is not configured properly, there is also a risk of unauthorized interception of data that is sent to and from the mojaWARSZAWA portal server. We recommend that you do not make changes to the security settings of your web browser.
8. Transferring a donation to help citizens of Ukraine does not require setting up a user account in the mojaWARSZAWA portal.

§4 Sharing personal data with an online payment operator

1. The City of Warsaw may share personal data of donors with the electronic payment operator PayPro S.A. under the agreement concluded with it. Such personal data includes the following:
a) email address
when it allows to identify the donor.
2. In the payment form referred to in §2 section 2, the donor agrees to the processing of personal data by the Mayor of the City of Warsaw and the electronic payment operator PayPro S.A. by checking the option with the content of this consent.
3. Granting the consent referred to in the section above is a condition for making a payment to citizens of Ukraine.
4. Personal data whose Controller is the Mayor of the City of Warsaw, is processed in accordance with the information clause in force on the mojaWARSZAWA portal.
5. Personal data that is made available to the operator of PayPro S.A. electronic payments is processed on the basis of detailed information regarding data processing on the Przelewy24 website.
6. In the situation referred to above, PayPro S.A. will be the controller the personal data received and will process such data for purposes related to the provision of payment services made available on the Wawa4Ukr website, in particular to the extent necessary to prevent fraud related to the payment services provided and to investigate and detect such fraud, as well as to identify the donor to the extent resulting from the provisions of law.

§5 Withdrawal of payment

1. Payments referred to in §2 section 2, are not subject to a refund except in cases provided for by law.
2. In the case of a refund of the payment, both the Office for the City of Warsaw, as well as the electronic payment operator PayPro S.A. will not make a refund of the commission.

§6 Final provisions

1. In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the relevant provisions of generally applicable law on the territory of Poland and international law shall apply.
2. The administrator and owner of the Wawa4Ukr digital service, as well as the mojaWARSZAWA portal, reserves the right to make changes to the content of these Terms and Conditions at any time, without having to inform its users about it.
3. Date of publication: 19 August 2022
4. These Terms and Conditions are effective from the date of publication.